Sushi Nakazawa, NYC

Sushi Nakazawa, NYC

Sushi and sashimi are the two favorite Japanese delicacies that won the hearts of diners worldwide. The exploration of new tastes and flavors has always been a discovery, an enormous joy to eaters from various parts of the globe. And of course, a country which welcomes diversity with open arms is no other than the United States. Despite the western culture, Japanese food has introduced foreigners and Western diners to raw ingredients and vast variety of new flavors. If you’re dreaming of dining at an authentic, traditional Japanese restaurant, America has it all.

Japanese cuisine is known for its subtleness, the warm delicacy that enhances the flavors of blended ingredients, both raw and cooked.

Japanese cuisine features mostly sashimi dishes – extraordinary, fine selection of raw fish or seafood topped on the special, Japanese rice mixed with vinegar, salt, and a sprinkle of sugar. Without the need to go all the way to Tokyo for the top-class, authentic Japanese sashimi, or to Hokkaido for the best selection of fresh, classy variety of seafood, you can enjoy the best dining experiences right here, in NYC.

New York is best known for its diversity

A factor which reels in countless numbers of tourists, professionals from different parts of the world, and people of different ethnicities. Its unique originality gave way to its popular title of being the ‘most populous city’ in the United States of America; which, of course, is a positive sign for gourmands – the bon vivant in search for traditional, authentic Japanese cuisine. Japanese food has always been a part of New York City itself, as it plays an important role in leading its global phenomena throughout the other areas of America. New York is home to numerous sashimi places, famous Japanese restaurants that serve the traditional Sake drink, and restaurants with Japanese fusion dishes. New York is indeed a paradise on Earth for Japanese food lovers – especially if you’re a big fan of Fatty Tuna, Saba fish, the extremely rich flavors of Hokkaido seafood, and fresh scallops.

The best place to wine and dine – correction: Sake and dine, is definitely no other than Sushi Nakazawa.

It is famous, highly popular among diners and Japanese food lovers for its authentic, traditional Japanese dishes. Located just around Commerce and Barrow Street, Sushi Nakazawa is right at the center of New York, a convenient spot for diners to have their seats reserved. The restaurant itself is only open for lunch and dinner, where lunch starts at 11.45 am to 2.00 pm and dinner from 5 pm to 10 pm. For lunch, only sushi counter is available for diners but they would have to make reservations in advance to never miss the spots.

Sushi Nakazawa is known for its fresh, fine selection of raw fish, seafood, veggies, and main ingredients to craft just the right Japanese dishes, specifically signature menus. The main chef and owner of Sushi Nakazawa is no other than Chef Daisuke Nakazawa, well known for his mastery and skills in the crafting of authentic sashimi. Sushi Nakazawa is an Omakase restaurant that offers tasting menus according to daily chefs in charge. The dishes and menus served vary along with the seasons, available ingredients – all tailored to the diners and their preferences.

The place can be described as modern, yet authentic Japanese restaurant which features an elite, Tokyo-style sushi counter within a spacious interior designed with fine quality wood and natural marble stones. As an Omakase restaurant, Sushi Nakazawa offers diners with a variety of menus that change according to the seasons. However, each Omakase dinner will consists of twenty pieces of quality Nigiri. If you’re a huge fan of the elite, luxurious high-end Japanese restaurant but just a little too far away from Japan, the anxiety shall drop now – Sushi Nakazawa has it all to make your mouth water with lust for the extraordinary tastes of fresh, raw seafood and fish crafted into the best dishes to enjoy a memorable dining experience with your loved ones.

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